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| Gattz Gilman


Ms. Nevalyn Looming- M/W/F - 5:30-7:30pm
My classroom will have a variety of different aged students and it will be decorated like your traditional classroom. We'll always have posted the rules for the classroom, the "All About Me" forest, and when we do projects you can expect to see them plastered on the walls. :D I teach my students on voice, so in order to be in my class you have to be able to hear me. I feel this method is best and really gives each student a real feeling of what and who I am in the classroom. You are expected to try and always be on time and if not I hope to be notified, homework will be due at the beginning of class, there will be an allotted time for lunch and recess, I do take attendance and give out awards for it and behavior and I expect for any student that enrolls in my class to have mastered reading and writing. I love projects and they will be given individually and in groups and some projects will have to be shown in front of the classroom. Because the class will be filled with students of different age groups  you can expect that some lessons/assignments may be easier or harder than others. I just ask for patience, understanding, and if you need help to always ask. We will cover a wide variety of topics and subjects in World History, Geography, Math, Science, Reading, Spelling, Language, and Art. All that I ask of my students is that they give their best in everything they do.

Mr. Gattz Gilman- M/W/F - 5:30-7:30pm

My class will be general education, with creative projects involving drawing and building. As well as team building activities where they will need to work together to solve problems.

We will also be going on field trips throughout the school session. We will also have homework as well as tests and quizzes, not hard ones :) ! Attendance is also very important as it will reflect on their final grades. If there is any issues, you may contact me.

Building Class (Mr Gattz Gilman) - Tu/Th - 5-7PM

Building class will start with some basics and slowly move onto some harder techniques. Class will be on voice.

Projects and assignments will be graded, as well as attendance.

(I will be using the SL Viewer 1.23 as reference. If you are using a third party viewer or Viewer 2.0. things should be similar.)

Miss Kendra Baily - M/W/F -7:30-9:30pm 

Welcome to Autumn 2010, Your child is about to embark on a journey of exploration, creativity and imagination. This journey will lead them through many doors of learning. We will be experiencing the world around us hands on and through active exploration. Each student will be observed throughout the year and their work will be put in a portfolio made specially for them.

Our Curriculum this year will be touching the following core strengths:


  •  Numerals 1-10
  •  Counting objects to 10
  •  Sorting by various attributes: Color, Shape, Size
  •  Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  •  Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle
  •  Matching
  •  Same and Different
  •  More, Less, Same
  •  Time: Day and Night
  •  Money: We will explore through games, song and pretend play


  • Exposure to the alphabet: letter names and sounds
  • Retell familiar stories
  • Draw pictures and dictate sentances about stories and experiences
  • Repeat Nursery Rhymes and Fingerplays
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Building Listening skills
  • Sequencing


  • Experience the world
  • Explore the 5 senses
  • Investigate animals, the homes they live in, the food they eat


  • Participate in dramatic play
  • Dramatize familiar stories
  • Experiment with colors
  • Explore art processes

Social Skills:

  • Sharing
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Communicating Needs
  • Explore types of work and workers
  • Explore modes of transportation
  • Working in groups

Students should look forward to a realistic and age appropriate class that will involve a lot of exploration through a child's imagination. A big emphasis will be on dramatic play and exploring the world around us.

There will not be homework in this class, however, we will have take home assignments for families to work on with the students. These are to intergrate home and school and are not considered homework.

Every 4 weeks we will be presenting to our family and community members some sort of production that will hit on the subjects that we have spent our time exploring and mastering.

Mr. Jace Corvale [Young Citizens Society] - Tuesday/Thursday - 8-10pm

The Young Citizens Society is an advanced multi-skill class. In this exciting new program, we will study in-depth the very serious subject of Childhood. Using four themed subjects as a foundation for becoming well-rounded young citizens, this class will explore what it means to be a kid, and everything that entails. On the surface it may seem like most of this class will be fun and play. But make no mistake, this is a challenging program that will require at least six hours of time each week. 

A multi-skill class utilizes evey resource available for the sake of learning. Basic building ability will be necessary, basic art ability will help. Students will be asked to access internet sites outside of SL, and use programs independent of SL. In order to maximize learning time, daily roleplay scenes like Lunch and Recess are not done in this class.

Students are expected to be responsible for their own success in an advanced  class. Homework will not be formally assigned, but students need to stay on top of assignments and are encouraged to practice good time management. Weekly completion of assignments is a top goal for the class, and getting too far behind may seriously hinder a student's success.

If you are looking for something more than 2+2=4 and D-O-G spells Cat, then this class might be for you! Spaces are limited. Prospective students hoping to be one of the lucky few should contact Jace Corvale via IM for further details.

Mr. Yo Mikazuki  - Mon/Wed/Fri - 10am-12pm

Hi! My name is Yo Mikazuki. I've been in SL over 5 years. I'm hoping to be able to enlighten many young minds with what I have to offer. My class will mostly revolve around Science and Math. There will be some spelling, short stories and art segments also. It should lead to a fun filled learning experience in which I hope you will all enjoy!

As for my Curriculum, it is as follows:


    Addition-Substraction (ie: 12 + 12 = 24)
    Multiplication (1 through 12 ie: 4*4=16)
    Division (only whole numbers ie: 12/3=4)
    Shapes, up to dodecahedrons
    Angles - Obtus, Acute

    Animals - Mammals and Reptiles
                 - Aviaran, Aquatic and Land based animals
                 - Quadripeds, Bipeds, Unipeds
                 - Habitats
    Water cycle - Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation

    Short stories
    Spelling (Given a picture, and students will have to spell what it is)
    Independant study (Student picks a topic to write about)
    Personal Journal (Students will make an entry for every school day)

    Famous artists
    Different types of art materials

    Debates (Teacher will pick a subject and split the class in half and have a class debate)
    Group discussions    

There should be very little homework for the students to take home. Every Friday there will be a quiz on the weeks lessons and it will be returned to the students on the following Monday with a grade. 

 I'm hoping to see you soon and to welcome you to the new school year!

Ms Jill Caldera - M/W/F - 2-4pm

Hi Everyone!!

Well my resume is kind of long, so I will simplify it a bit.
I have been a teacher ever since HKE opened in 2006, Since then, I have owned and taught at HKE through the years, as well as run Camp Hardknock...and now of course, opening our own school! I have RL and SL experience and teaching again is just wonderful!

What could you expect from my class? Well, I am very serious about my class, I do not teach the basics like, spelling and math, I think in some cases, it would be to simple! I like teaching life skills, team work, and more of creative lessons than anything. We do crafts, enjoy gym, and do have lunch when we have the time :D Otherwise it is done in class, we go on field trips, and you will have homework. Homework is not that hard, usually it is a small assignment, and it is expected to be handed in. We also do projects and a test or two a month based on what we have learned and report cards are handed out each month, which are based on your attendance, class participation, homework, projects and your test score. If you are still curious about my class and have questions, feel free to IM me or visit my classroom! I hope you find what you need from whichever class you chose.

Ms Sarai Firelight - M/W/F - 7-9AM

Hi Kids and Parents!

My name is Miss Sarai (pronounced Sar AH).  I have been on SL since 2007.  In the past I have spent most of my time planning events on SL for families and large groups.  Although I do not have any teaching experience on SL I have been teaching special needs children in RL for 5 years.  Helping young minds grow is the one thing that makes me so very happy no matter what is going on and I am so excited to bring that passion here to SL.

 In my class we will be focusing on a theme for each week.  All of our work will revolve around the theme for the week.  I will try to bring a creative spark to each lesson to make things fun.  I plan on doing at least one or two field trips a month that will coincide with the themes we have been working on.   I also plan for us to have some gym time and art.  Overall I want the kids in my class to have fun while respecting themselves and those around them.  I want them to work together with me to learn the lessons.

  There will be a homework project that is centered around each weeks theme due at the end of the week and is expected to be handed in so it can possibly be presented to the class.  None of these projects will be too hard or complicated and will be designed to enhance what we are learning in class.   We will also be taking a test once a month to see  how well we have learned about each theme.

I will be giving out report cards at the end of the month and they will be focused on your attendance, your overall performance in class, your homework projects and your test score.

 Please feel free to message me if you have questions and good luck.

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