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Little Leaders - Hailey Capelo

Little Leaders is a club dedicated to raising our children to become compassionate responsible members of their community. Our goal is to guide our children to become aware of and embrace the differences of the people around them as well as take interest in real world issues and conflicts.

This club will include a wide variety of activities both in and outside the classroom. We'll be playing fun games that get our children to work together in teams and take turns having a leadership position. We'll also be getting our children out enjoying nature with a number of out-of-classroom field trips including: fishing, camping, a day at the farm, and trips to the park. During these trips children will be carefully supervised as they're encouraged to explore and discover the environment around them. Activities and small lessons will be planned relative to each of these trips. In addition to the activities we'll be doing amongst ourselves as our own group, we'll also be reaching out to those in our communities and participating in fundraisers for real life causes. We will be brainstorming as a group things we can do together to benefit these causes. Children will also be encouraged to contribute to each of the causes individually, shown to understand they each have unique gifts to share with their world that can play a significant part in helping others.

Little Leaders will be held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 1 and 3 pm slt. Snacks and a break will be scheduled in to each session we're together. Homework will not be a strong focus in this program however children will often be asked to have done some brainstorming and gathering of ideas prior to our next meeting. This is going to be an excellent way to make new friends and strengthen those friendships we already have, therefore, attendance is important. We will sincerely miss you if you're not there! I'm really looking forward to this upcoming semester and I hope to be seeing you soon!

The Adventure Club - Quincy Dyrssen
Each week we will set out on a journey to discover something new. Kids that join this club should be ready for adventure.

Each week will be a new experience and a new place to explore. We will go on adventures such as riding zip lines through a rain forest, or base jumping off a cliff. This will be a group that works together and supports one another.

We will meet one to two times a week depending on how big our adventure is. Each child that signs up for this group will receive a backpack full of items that they will need.

You will not be required to join a new group for this club. I will have a place at school that you can pick up information.


Soccer - Jill Caldera
Your customized uniform will be given to you, as well as any other items you may need [Water Bottle, Duffle Bag, etc] once you are accepted on the team.

What is required of you:
Showing up to practices every Friday at 8pm slt. (We may change the date/time if it is not good for the team, so please do not let that deter you)
Having good school spirit, even in lag :)
Try hard, when you feel like quitting and be committed to being a team!

Our soccer team will run just like a RL one, we will have tryouts at our soccer field which is located next to our playground. You will be required to follow the rules of the game and have good sportsmanship. We will have a game about once or twice a month, where your parents could come cheer you on, as well as competing against other schools, for trophies :)

We always have a lot of fun and we hope you join us for another great year!!

Swim - Vernice Burks

Swim team will be a club ran much like any club in the real world, we'll meet once or twice a week for about an hour and have warm ups and swimming drills as well as swim meets with other SL Elementary Schools.

During this class I will most likely be typing but there is a chance it may be voice instructed at times so it would be great if you can have voice on when necessary.

We will have tryouts to determine who will be on the swim team and we will have 16-20 children participating.

We'll be meeting twice during the week possibly on Saturdays and meets will most likely be on Saturdays depending what is best for the other schools.

Dance - Lola Gartner

The Dance team is about exploring music and movement and combining them to produce  a piece of art to share with your friends and family. It will also give you a great sense of accomplishment when the finished product of your practice and commitment comes together. It's really a feeling i can't explain. You will gain friendships and learn alot about teamwork.

Our team will be just that a team. No major decisions will be made without every team member having a vote and being able to sound their thoughts. If you see someone that might need help in any way that you can help.. it would be expected that you would willingly do that. If you have a problem and you need help with anything.. you should not hesitate to ask. There will be times we will be doing what we call team challenges. These are exercises to help us all get better at matching dance moves to music. The challenges will be given by Miss Jill our supervisor, Myself your Captain.. McKenzie your Co Captain.. Joshy Riverstone our Group founder and Guest Dancer.. *giggles* The dance team will not have an Adult "Coach" as we feel that we have alot of kids that are experienced enough to help the new kids coming into our group. we dont roleplay according to ages, everyone is expected to do the same things no matter their age. We don't want to rp and things that will take away from Dance. If you want Drama you should join the Drama Club Not the Dance team. I have a great disposition but I wont hesitate to ask anyone causing trouble or being mean to another member to turn in their tag and leave. We will be building our own sets for challenges and recitals. But don't be afraid to try out if you don't have building skills we all learned at some point and there again i think there are enough kids who can build to help you learn and if you really hate building there are other things we will need done.. like recital announcements invitations etc. there's going be a lot for everyone to do.

You really do need to be committed to this so please think about it before you sign up to try out. we will be holding a meet and greet very soon to talk about things and answer your questions. and also announce when tryouts will be, as well as when regular practice days will be.

As a side note: when tryouts are held we prefer to keep it students only no family or friends please as it causes unneeded lag many times and that's not fair to the kids trying out. there will be many performances your family will be allowed to see you perform at so don't worry about it.

Cheerleaders - Brigitte Galacia

About Oceanside Cheer:

Cheerleading at OSE will be designed to bring up the spirits of all the students, both athletically and academically. It will be beneficial to students to practice team building and implement group participation and encouragement.

Team building is very beneficial in a real life atmosphere, and I hope that throughout this season I can teach each participant hard work, determination and dedication. I want each participant what it means to make a committment and follow it through and do it to the absolute fullest and best to their abilities. Go Dolphins!!!!

Our sqaud and practices:

During our twice weekly hour long meetings we will split the practice into two segments, one focused on team building, and one half on actual physical activity.

We will work on creating cheers together, working on timing and execution.

I will expect all participants on the team to be on time to practice, if not early. Participants will be allowed 3 unexcused absences before they are eliminated from the team. Absences can be excused through a letter from parents or RL excuses :)

We will also be out in the community, at fairs and local events, promoting OSE and the cheer sqaud! In addition to pep rallies and soccer games.

It is impairative that all participants are in attendance of all team activites and practices for the team to run smoothly and efficiently.

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